Friday, March 14, 2014

Today's Post : Camp Diva

This is to Celebrate Date with Dad Weekend

Started by Angela Patton and Clover Smith as a way to remember Diva Mstadi Smith-Roane (Daughter of Clover Smith -who lost her life due to a firearm accident on 1/25/04. Her time on Earth was short, but Diva lived up to her name, which means "divine goddess." She loved unconditionally, was respectful, laughed a lot, had a positive attitude, possessed a pure heart, and led by example. She greeted everyone with her big bright eyes, friendly smile, sweet gentle voice, and a sincere hug. We all want share her experience

Check out the website and encourage fathers and daughters
* To help build, renew, transform, and strengthen father-daughter relationships, empowering girls, and            leading to healthier families
 * To increase public awareness of the developmental importance of these relationships, and help change mindsets and behaviors toward fathers
 * To provide opportunities for positive father-daughter interactions, including the opportunity for fathers to model qualities of manhood and fatherhood that can influence their daughters’ future decisions when it
comes to male-female relationships
 *To publicly celebrate fatherhood
 * To identify and pass on resources for fathers, daughters, and families to build better relationships beyond the weekend’s events

Congratulations and Much Continued Success Angela Patton and Clover Smith

Donna Marie